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WVA's Full Term Program is a 10+ month four-year high school for elite athletes in grades 9 through 12. This program is a one-of-a-kind educational experience designed to be the path to Division 1 and National Team consideration and acceptance. To accomplish this, the program is centered around a modulated academic schedule and Burdenko Method training and conditioning.

While winter term students attend WVA in the winter season and continue with their home-school curriculum with individualized instruction at WVA, the Full Term Program is a standalone high school that athletes attend for 10+ months. Both groups of students are a part of the same, tightly knit community. They study together, train together, and share the same focus on both athletic and academic excellence.

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Our Full Term students are willing to create opportunities and make sacrifices to reach the highest levels of snowsport success. They know that hard work now will lead to success in the future. This program, designed with elite-level athletes in mind, teaches the skills necessary for success in life, both on and off the slopes. They’re strong kids, both mentally and physically and don’t lack a sense of humor either!

Student-athletes enrolled in Waterville Valley Academy’s Full Term Program, our flagship 4-year high school, are truly a special breed. They have the strength of their convictions, know what they want and have the determination it takes to realize their goals. Right now, our Seniors are garnering substantial early decision interest from colleges and universities.

College acceptances:  Castleton State, Plymouth State University, University of Colorado, Westminster College, University of Utah, Saint Michael’s College, St. Lawrence University, University of Vermont, University of New Hampshire, Boston College, Dartmouth College, Bates College, Clarkson University, University of Maine, Colby College, Babson, New York University, Bentley, Tampa University, Oregon State University

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Aj Barry, Colorado 2013

A Shared Community, Driven To Succeed

Community is a hard concept to define. Our community revolves around a set of shared norms. They are simple, but the ramifications of living by these principles are profound. We emphasize our Core Values of Integrity, Teamwork, Learning and Excellence. Through integrity with our peers and ourselves we can truly work together as a team in learning, and subsequently attain excellence. When we all work toward a common goal of maximum personal achievement in a team environment we find the best in ourselves and in each other. This is what differentiates the Pinnacle student from all others. We are not an end product. Our students live out an ongoing process. They have passion, dedication and determination. Not simply a passion for success, but passion for a lifestyle embodying the core values of our institution that will lead to success in the classroom, on the slopes and throughout life.

The Burdenko Method: A Pathway to Better, More Successful Athletes

Full Term athletes are one of the few groups of athletes in the world who utilize the Burdenko Method of training, conditioning and recovery. Burdenko workouts integrate the six essential qualities of human performance: balance, flexibility, coordination, endurance, speed and strength and focus on body weight as opposed to overuse of exercise machines that isolate muscle groups. Our success rate in dramatically increasing all six qualities in snowsport athletes is unprecedented. Our new breed of athlete jumps quickly to levels higher than their peers at other snowsports academies.

Pinnacle Graduating Class 2014

The Full Term Program: Academics

Classes in the Full Term Program are designed to meet the individualized needs of each student as well as the highest levels of current educational technology.  Students and faculty utilize cutting-edge technology for researching, learning, sharing and presenting information.

Very small class size and highly trained faculty are hallmarks of our program, as is a substantially lightened class load during the competition season. Another key differentiator is the fact that we are the only snowsports academy in the East that offers Advanced Placement courses.

Pinnacle Environment Science Class

Parent and Student Testimonials

The Full Term Program has helped our son become much more disciplined. The physical workouts and academic focus has translated into a student with a mature college focus and a great deal of knowledge about ski racing equipment.”
He arrived at Waterville in good shape in July. The Burdenko Method and Tom’s training toned him down to a leaner, more flexible and stronger athlete by the end of September. By Thanksgiving, he had almost 50 days on skis.  More important to us is the personal growth and maturity that we have seen in our son. We have also found Waterville to be a very inclusive, welcoming, open and loving community.
"We believe the Full Term Program is going to produce more Olympic and Division 1 athletes than any other program.”
"There are people who think that everything will just happen. They don't try and expect things to be handed to them; they expect to win. The Full Term Program has taught me that nothing just happens, you need the confidence and the drive to put 100% effort into it. Then you’re the one who will reach your goals. ”
Pinnacle Orientation Group Circle
Having both an Alpine racer and a Freeskier in the Full Term Program has been a great experience.   It’s clearly helped both kids achieve higher levels of success on snow than they could have achieved in a less comprehensive program.   But being in the this program is not just about skiing.   Most importantly, I see the kids learning lessons and skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.   They’re learning how to set goals, how to plan, and how to focus to attain those goals. Through their training, travel and scholastic activities, they’re learning the value of hard work (both with their bodies and minds), focus, and independence that will help them to succeed in whatever they do.

Waterville Valley Academy Graduation Speech

Program Resources

Download the Pinnacle Program brochure HERE.

Download the 2016-2017 WVA Calendar HERE.

Download the 2016-2017 Program of Studies HERE

Download the WVA Handbook - HERE

Download the REVISED 2016-2017 Concussion Policy HERE.

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