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2014-2015 Online Club Application
Information for parents for the 2014-2015 season.

2014-2015 Online Supporting Membership Application
As a Supporting Member you are entitled to the use the WVBBTS Clubhouse and WVBBTS Competition Center at the mountain during normal operating hours. WVBBTS is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and by becoming a Supporting Member of WVBBTS you...

2014-2015 PDF Club Application
Fill out the application in PDF form.

2014-2015 PDF Supporting Membership Application
PDF version of the application.

Anna McIntyre Scholarship Fund
Anna McIntyre serves on our Board of Trustees in an Emeritus position and is a true historian of our organization. Having been involved with WVBBTS / SEF for over 40 years, she can call up facts and anecdotes to describe almost any person or situation in our long and legendary history. A gracious lady, she envisioned this Fund as a way to help those who might not otherwise be able to participate in the WVBBTS Experience.

Apply to WV Academy
The process of applying for admission to WVA has been streamlined and your first step is to contact Kimberly Berman, Director of Admissions.

Applications & Scholarships
Individuals and families interested in our competitive snowsports training programs (Mitey Mites, Alpine, Freestyle, or Snowboarding) should submit one of the following applications...

Pat Moore Scholarship
Pat Moore’s professional snowboarding career began at WVBBTS under the coaching of Bill Enos. Pat grew up in Plymouth, NH and graduated from Waterville Valley Academy/Plymouth High School in 2005. His professional career has taken him all over the world competing in the X-games and filming for numerous movies, most recently “The Art of Flight” with Travis Rice and Red Bull. His foundation was formed in 2009 to help support local WVBBTS snowboarders in their pursuit of excellence and education. With generous help from his sponsors and yearly event, “Back to the Boneyard” at Waterville Valley resort, Pat is able to give back & help support WVBBTS!


Alpine - U14 / U12 / U10 Calendar

Alpine - U16 Calendar

Camp Calendar

Snowboard Program Event Calendar

WVA Academic Calendar

WVA Development Freestyle/Freeskiing Calendar

WVBBTS/SEF Master Calendar


2015 WVBBTS Masters Camps
The emphasis of the camp will be mastery of specific technical and tactical tasks both in and out of the GS and Slalom gate training. The NH Masters Reunion, Wine & Cheese Reception is usually held the first evening of the camp from 5pm-6:30pm at the Waterville Valley Academy Community Room (located at Snow’s Mountain, 88 Boulder Path Road, Waterville Valley, NH 03215)

Alpine Camp Information
WVBBTS offers a winter alpine ski camps throughout the year, as well as dryland training camp and individual dryland training programs for the summer.

Dryland Camp - 2014
Led by Tom Barbeau, WVBBTS Director of Athletics & Alpine Program Director, the WVBBTS Alpine Dryland 'Boot' Camp is fun, challenging and informative. It is fun with activities such as rollerblading, swimming, ice skating, and team competition. It is challenging when the athletes run or bike through the mountains. It is informative as through a wide variety of conditioing exercises based on the Burdenko Method, athletes learn to focus on the six key qualities of fitness-Balance, Flexibility, Coordination, Endurance, Speed and Strength. Join us at this 5-day camp where athletes lodge and dine in the Waterville Valley Academy dorm, learn and train at our beautiful Waterville Valley venue and play throughout the entire community!

Dryland Camp Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Why choose a dryland camp?

Experience the Academy Camp - Freeski 2015
This 4-day camp is designed to give each athlete a true academic and athletic experience at Waterville Valley Academy. You will be a part of the WVA team, training both on and off the snow with WVA student-athletes under the eyes of our world class coaches.

Experience the Academy Camp - Snowboard 2015
This 4-day camp is designed to give each athlete a true academic and athletic experience at Waterville Valley Academy. You will be a part of the WVA team, training both on and off the snow with WVA student-athletes under the eyes of our world class coaches.

Freestyle/Freeski Development Programs
Coached by Wes Preston and other BBTS coaches, these programs are for athletes who want to develop their freestyle skiing skills. Athletes will train using the Bagjump, trampoline, and rail park; and will also do physical conditioning to increase their strength, endurance and flexibility.

Freestyle Camps
This is going to be the SICKEST summer ever in Waterville! Don’t let your twin tips gather dust this summer - get out and ski in WV! We offer summer camps and programs for all freeskiers. Come session the Bagjump, slide the rails, and bounce on the fly bed tramps. You’ll also get to explore the best of New Hampshire: hiking, swimming and chillin’ in the great outdoors.

Snowboard Camps
Are you looking to take your snowboarding to the next level? BBTS camps are the best way for you to take that next step. We offer many different year-round camps that will give riders that competitive edge. Come learn new tricks and dial your current tricks at Phil's Hill Bagjump Training Center. Work on your air awareness on our Fly-bed Trampolines. Slide rails on our rail garden. Skate at Waterville's Skate Park and enjoy many other fun things that the valley has to offer.

Learn more about our Freestyle, alpine and snowboard camps

Camps - 2014 & Previous

10-Pack Snowboard Training
Sign up TODAY for a 10-pack of training! No snow? No problem! Dust off your snowboard, come up to Waterville Valley and train on our year-round facilities, Phil's Hill Bagjump Training Center and the Thomas Barbeau Training Center.

April Vacation Freestyle 5-Day Bagjump & Trampoline Camp
Keep your ski season going with our April Vacation Camp. This 5 day camp will focus on moving your tricks ahead and establishing your acrobatic base for summer training. Athletes will train using the Bagjump, trampoline, and rail features. Athletes will also do physical conditioning to increase their strength, endurance and flexibility.

Camp Image Galleries

2013 Hintertux, Austria Alpine Camp Image Gallery

2013 Fall Colorado Snowboard Camp

2013 Colorado Alpine Camp Gallery

Freeski "A" School Schedule Program
This program is to specifically train the highest level of freeskiers in the East and will be coached by a BBTS coach.

Freeski "A" Weekend Program
This program is to specifically train the highest level of freeskiers in the East and will be coached by a BBTS coach.

Freeski Elite Full Time Weekday Summer Program - 2014
This program is to specifically train the highest level of freeskiers in the East and is the only program that allows athletes to access Dan Shuffleton’s coaching program. The program is set out in optimum training cycles.

Freestyle 3-Day Bagjump & Trampoline Camps
You can ski in Waterville Valley ALL YEAR LONG! No snow, No problem! Bust out your twin tips and join us for 3 days of ski fun in WV. Campers have the chance to get big air, learn sick tricks and perfect skills by jumping into the Bagjump. Campers will also session our rail park and bounce on our fly bed trampolines daily.

Hintertux, Austria - 2014
Get back on snow this summer in Hintertux, Austria! The camps philosophy is to develop the individual athlete at his/her own pace and to instill the hard work ethic both technically on the slopes and athletically through daily conditioning.

Hintertux, Austria Camp FAQs
Frequently asked questions about our Hintertux, Austria Camp.

Mt. Hood Camp
This will be a fundamental skills and technical gate training camp. The snowfields at Mt. Hood are ideally suited to a deep study of technique with an opportunity to put the skills learned into repetition on a consistently pitched training environment.

Snowboard Summer Bagjump & Trampoline Camps
You can ride in Waterville Valley ALL YEAR LONG! No snow, No problem! Bust out your board and join us for 3 days of summer fun in WV. Campers have the chance to throw down big tricks and dial in technique by jumping into the Bagjump. Campers will also session our rail park and bounce on our fly bed trampolines daily. So get back on your board this summer with the Waterville Snowboard Team!

Snowboard Fall Weekend Program
With a 275 foot artificial snow dry slope, a brand new 50 foot Bagjump airbag, and two flybed trampolines, you can continue to jump, practice new tricks in a safe environment, and perfect your rider’s position and fundamentals, during the pre-season! Athletes will get tons of hits on the Bagjump, focused tramp training, physical conditioning and video review. In addition, riders will session the rail park and WV skate park to broaden the spectrum of training. Don’t neglect your board - Get prime with the Waterville Snowboard Team this fall!

U16/U18/U21 Colorado Camp
WVA U16/U18/U21 Training Camp. Unless your coach speaks to you about NTG or RTG training opportunities that run concurrently this will be an SL and GS camp only. This year we are training at Copper Mountain Resort for the entirety of our camp. We will free ski at other resorts for the first few days as deemed necessary by individual coaches but will do all of our gate training at Copper.

2014 WVBBTS Jumpstart Alpine Training Camp
Come join us for early season skiing and coaching to get in some quality preseason preparation for the competitive season. This camp is a 2 day program, with 2 on snow sessions each day. The emphasis of this camp will be mastery of specific technical and tactical tasks. We will not be running gates, but will be challenging the athletes with lots of learning and ability appropriate drills.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Contact Us - Alpine Program

Contact Us - Freestyle/Freeskiing Coaching Staff

Contact Us - Snowboard Coaching Staff

Contact Us - Camps


Donate Now to the Annual Fund
Donation page for our annual fund.

Donate Now to the Snowmaking Initiative
Your gift or pledge, to the Grow BBTS Capital Campaign for Snowmaking, will benefit each and every athlete as we take an important leap forward in controlling our snowmaking destiny when mother nature is being stingy.

Donate To Equipment for the Thomas Barbeau Training Center
Your generosity will provide the best in training and safety equipment for student athletes so they will be able to reach their snowsports goals.

Donate to WVBBTS
BBTS exists to develop the full potential of young athletes both on and off snow. By instilling in them our core values of Integrity, Teamwork, Learning and Excellence we foster skills and strengths that will last a lifetime and benefit the individual, their family, their community and ultimately our world. Your gift makes this possible!


Alpine Ski Racing Development & Instruction
WVBBTS Snowsports Educational Foundation's Alpine ski training program offers athletes the opportunity to train at multiple levels; Mitey Mites for young athletes, U10/12/14 for ages 9-13, U/16 for ages 14 and 15, U18/21 for ages 16-21, Masters for ages 21 and over, and the full time WVA Pinnacle High School and Winter Term programs beginning at age 11.

Competitive Freeski & Freestyle Skiing Training
The BBTS Freestyle program focuses on developing strong skiers and skilled competitors in mogul, aerials, and freeride (Slopestyle, Halfpipe and Big Air). The Freestyle team trains in preparation for competition at all levels of USSA, FIS, Freeride Open and elite international competitions.

Snowboard Academy & Training Programs
The WVBBTS Snowboard training program has produced many pro-level athletes who are training and competing at the highest levels of snowboarding both nationally and internationally. Our training venues at Waterville Valley Resort include the nationally recognized Exhibition Terrain Park, serviced by its own Poma lift. The program focus is to develop snowboarding skills in a safe and secure environment, giving athletes a chance to excel and reach their highest goals in snowboarding and in competition.

Pinnacle Program
WVBBTS Snowsports Educational Foundation, the 501c3 nonprofit oversees and administers WVA, now offers the Pinnacle Program, a 10+ month four-year high school for elite athletes in grades 9 through 12. Unique in the nation, Pinnacle is the path to Division 1 and National Team consideration and acceptance featuring a modulated academic schedule and Burdenko Method training and conditioning. Please contact Kimberly Berman for more information on, and to apply to, Pinnacle 2014-15!

Winter Term - WVA 2014-15 Enrollment Options:
The full Winter Term is a 5-month program starting on 11/3/14 to 3/27/15. Student-athletes are taught on a 1:1 or 1:2 faculty to student ratio based on the curriculum of their home sending school. Five month Winter Term students will also train with highly skilled and dedicated WVA coaches whose expectations are to move athletes to the next level and help them achieve mutually developed goals.

Pursue and Engage in Acquiring Authentic Knowledge (PEAK)
Waterville Valley Academy’s PEAK Program, is an exciting program specifically designed to meet the learning needs of middle school students. The PEAK curriculum is both integrated and standards based, with a focus on projects and activities that are highly engaging to middle school learners.

Request More Information
Request more information from WVA.

College Acceptance
In the increasingly competitive world of college applications, attending WVA sets you, as a student-athlete, apart from the rest of the applicants. Attending WVA shows potential colleges that you are independent, passionate and driven by your sport as well as academics.

Tuition & Financial Aid
The breakdown of costs for each of our programs.

Contact WVA
Contact information for our Department Heads, instructors and administration staff

Waterville Valley Academy

WV Academy
Waterville Valley Academy (WVA) is a five month snowsports and academic academy located in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire designed for full time student athletes in grades 6-12 who are dedicated to pursuing the highest level of performance in alpine racing, freestyle skiing and snowboarding in parallel with an individualized academic program.

About Us
Learn more about WVBBTS! Quick facts about the Academy, including member & school stats, and coaches and athletes that went to the Olympics in Sochi Russia in 2014.

As an alumnus, you are an important part of WVBBTS. Our alumni have helped shape who we are and we are in the process of creating an Alumni Association that will determine what we will become. There are great things going on at BBTS and your engagement and support will help bring your experience full circle as we train and educate a whole new generation of snowsports athletes.

Board of Trustees Portal
Soon you will be receiving your log in credentials to access the WVBBTS/SEF Board of Trustees Portal. This portal was developed as a way to create a library of pertinent documents for Trustees and to facilitate discussion among the group. Your feedback, both positive and negative will be greatly appreciated. Please contact Jeffrey Brown with questions, comments or concerns at

Current Initiatives
We have demonstrated a strong record of success in major fundraising initiatives. In 2009, the Waterville Valley Academy classroom building was completed and in 2011, Phil’s Hill Bagjump Training Center, a one-of-a-kind innovative dry slope venue, created an explosion of training opportunities.

Directions and Address to WVBBTS/SEF

Employment Opportunities
WVBBTS / WVA is accepting applications for select weekend and full-time seasonal coaching positions. Applicants must be strong skiers and willing to pursue further certifications.

Mission, Vision, Motto & Core Values
Our mission is to foster integrity, discipline, competence and achievement in young people through participation in competitive snowsports. We give young athletes of all ages, abilities, backgrounds and commitment levels the opportunity to enjoy and achieve excellence in alpine racing, freestyle skiing and snowboarding.

Overview & History of WVBBTS
With its roots in one of the oldest ski clubs in the country, WVBBTS/SEF has evolved into the Northeast’s premier Snowsports training and competition center.

Race Sign-Up
Sign up for races in the 2014-2015 season.

SEF Newsletters
View the past newsletters for WVBBTS

Worker Credits
Waterville Valley Black and Blue Trail Smashers Snowsports Educational Foundation (“WVBBTS/SEF”), is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, owns and operates Waterville Valley Academy and the WVBBTS Snowsports Club.

Stay up to date on the latest from WVBBTS

WVBBTS Snowsports Academy
We offer training programs for alpine skiing, freestyle skiing, and snowboarding with outstanding coaching for athletes who are dedicated to pursuing athletic development.

WVBBTS Snowsports Educational Foundation Board of Trustees
Learn more about the WVBBTS Snowsports Educational Foundation Board of Trustees

WVBBTS Snowsports Educational Foundation
View the sponsors for WVBBTS

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